Retail Therapy

February was pretty intense… It was the last few weeks before school ended. Also known as “Hell week”, with millions of assignment, late night studying and all that kind of jazz.

The minute I was done with all my school work, I was desperate to do “a bit”  of retail therapy (wasn’t exactly a bit hehe). I haven’t been shopping for way too long, so I felt that it was okay to let loose a bit and have a good time. It felt good for that moment, but at the end of the month, looking at my bank account… haishh. Not the best feeling hahah

So I thought I would share with y’all some of my favourite items!


I love this outfit combo. A waist-tie top with black knee ripped skinny ankle jeans. It was literally loved at first sight with this top, as it cinched at the waist with a  “shoe lace” kind of design, allowing you show off all those beautiful curves. These ripped jeans are the comfiest jean I have ever owned! The slit fits perfectly on my body. As I find most ripped knee jeans never sit on my knees because of my height. (Both the jean ($45.90) and top ($35.90) are from Zara)


This really cute crop top and leather skirt combo are a great balance between cute and sexy at the same time! The red and black crop top adds a bit of a retro feel to the outfit. The cute little ruffles at the hem of the top adding a bit of a girl feel you the top. The leather skit adds an edge to any outfit with the check detailing in the middle and a metallic zipper at the side. (Both the top ($14.90) and skirt ($59.90) are from Zara)


These two are the comfiest out of all my purchase I would say. The oversized khaki sweater is not the thick or thing for Singapore weather and I feel would be easy to chuck on any day as I feel it would definitely become one of my staples. The ripped mom jeans are defiantly one of my most fave purchase! As I have been looking for a ripped mom jeans for a very long time. Mainly cause I am very picky with my jeans, they have to be perfect! The studs on the hem of the pockets add an edge to the chill look of the jeans.


These are a few of the shoes and bags that I purchased online. The black platform sandals with cute flower cut outs on the straps are one of the comfiest pairs of sandals that I have ever owned! The whites shoes are a MUST, and I always buy a cheap white shoe so I don’t get so heart broken if they get dirty. The chunky black leather bag also is a MUST as I feel that it would go basically with any of my outfits. The maroon sling bag with tassels is a heart sized to chuck your lipstick, wallet and phone for any night out.

Which was your most favourite item?