Danish Vanilla Butter Cookies

This is one of my favourite cookie recipes and it is really easy and quick to make them. You can nicely place them in a cute tin to make a great edible gift for your family and friends.



  • 240ml (almost a cup) Butter
  • 120ml (1/2 cup) Caster Sugar
  • 540ml (2 1/4 cup)All-purpose Flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • 1 Large Egg
  • Topping: Ground cinnamon & sugar and Chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 190°C
  2. Mix butter and sugar in a mixer until fluffy (about 2 min)
  3. Add vanilla and egg to the mixture and mix them together
  4. Slowly add flour into the mixture (if u add flour too fast, you may just be cover in flour 😂)
  5. Once the dough is ready, pipe it into a piping bag (if you don’t have one you can always use a sandwich bag) and pipe it onto a sheet of baking paper
  6. OPTIONAL: Mix cinnamon and sugar, and sprinkle it over cookies / Sandwich chocolate chips in-between cookie dough mixture and top it with a few chocolate chips for decoration
  7. Bake for 12-15 min until slightly golden brown
  8. Cool for 3 min and ENJOY!!! 🍪🍪🍪

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Top 10 Shopping Tips

Some of you may know that I love to shop, and I thought I would share some of my shopping tips with you guys! I do understand that some people do find shopping a chore and dislike shopping for themselves. To me personally, I feel shopping is more of retail therapy and something I enjoy doing. However, sometimes if you do get a bit carried away while shopping it may get dangerous (trust me i’ve been there). So, I thought I share some of my tips with you guys!

1. Pay using physical cash rather than using your cards to pay

This would allow you to know how much you are actually spend and prevent you from getting carrier away. If you get tempted to use your cards to pay for your purchases, I would suggest that you can leave your cards at home when going shopping or with someone you really trust (for those shopaholics out there haha).

2. Know what you want to buy before heading to the mall

This can help you guys who have some difficulty shopping. For example, you can scroll though Tumblr, Instagram and other websites to find some inspiration. This would also preventing you from buying items that you may not really need (for those shopaholics haha), thus, helping you to save some cash!

3. Shop alone

This may sound slightly strange, but I feel that I “shop my best” when I’m shopping by myself. As sometimes, I feel that people’s opinion can affect your decision when deciding what to buy. Peer pursuer can also push you to purchase an item that you may not really want to buy or something that may not really be your style. However, if you find shopping a bit difficult, it is never “wrong” to go shopping with someone who really knows you well and would not “force” you to buy something you may not really want to buy.

4. It’s not a ‘must’ to purchase something that is on sale 

Seeing 50% or 70% at the window of the shop may tempt you to go in and have a shopping spree. But always keep in mind, sales are just simply a marketing strategy to encourage us to buy more and spend more money. When at the sales section of a store, don’t get too carried way. Keep in mind what you are really looking to buy. At times you can really get a good bargain in the sale section of a store so don’t be to overwhelmed if it looks crazy or crowed at times.

5. Always try clothes on before buying it

You may be very good at shopping and know what sizes fit you exactly, but sometimes when you wear it, you really know how it looks like on you. I would suggest, just try on anything that catches your eye, you don’t have to pay to try it on! When in the fitting room, ask yourself… Does it sit well on my body? Is it something I really like and am willing to spend money on it? When and where can I wear it? I feel this really helps me decide whether I want to buy it or not.

6. Go shopping during off-peak hours

I feel that the best time to go shopping are weekday afternoons. As most people, don’t really have time to go shopping during the weekdays, thus, shopping malls are hardly crowed on the weekdays. I always find it much easier to shop during off-peak hours as I can take my own sweet time to shop around, not have to worry about long fitting room lines and less stressful too.

7. Check the item you want to buy before paying for it

Some shops don’t have any exchange or refund policies. I hate it when I get home, realise that there is a defect in the item that I have purchase and don’t really have time to go back to the mall to get an exchange or refund for it. And even after finding the time to go back to the mall, to just simply realise that there is no exchange or refund for the item. So…it is always worth it spending sometime to check the item before paying.

8. Read up reviews before buy skin care & makeup item

It is important to always read up reviews online or ask a friend who has tried the product out. Especially, when it is for your skin as that is NOT replaceable. If you are going to buy something that is on the pricier side, I would encourage you to some research on it before heading to the store as sometimes it may to be exactly what you may be looking for.

9. Don’t buy stuff from ‘doggy’ online shops

I have fallen for a few scams before and I bet you it is REALLY annoying! I rarely shop online nowadays due to that. When I do shop online, I prefer to shop from more well-known online shops, such as, Asos and Zalora which are my favourite!

10. Know when to spend & when not to

This is the key to shopping! (at least to me haha) As you want to spend money on something that shows that you have spent money on it, for example accessories or a statement piece in your outfit. This can really change your outfit drastically and help to bring it from a ‘nice’ to an eye-catching ‘wow’.

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Button up denim skirt

The button up denim skirt, it has made a comeback from the 90’s and I’m so in love with it! The denim skirt comes in various ways different style, long, medium and short and colors, black, blue, white denim and many more. My personal favourite is the medium denim in the medium-dark denim wash. I feel it is a classic wardrobe staple and really easy to style for an occasion. I felt that it is time it deserves a blog post as it was one of my favorite clothing item of 2015 and I do see myself wearing it in the future. So here is my take on the button up denim skirt…


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Many celebrities and bloggers have been rocking the button up denim skirt,here are some of my favourite ways they have styled it.