It’s 2017! 2016 just disappeared in the blink of an eye. I personally feel that 2016 was not exactly the best year, many negative things have happened, in my life as well as around me. However, I really thankful for the experiences that I have gone through in 2016.

I really hope that 2017 would be more positive as compared to 2016. So here are some of my New Year Resolutions for this year…

  • Do what I love to do, and not let other push me to do things that I don’t wanna do.
  • Take better care of myself, in terms of my physical and mental health
  • Don’t put too much unnecessary stress on myself
  • Be more positive / Have a positive outlook on life.

Many people are setting new year resolutions and I really encourage you guys to do so if you haven’t! And I know many people struggle with actually sticking to them. But what I have found that actually breaking up you New Year goals into quarterly goals it is actually easier to stick to them. Example, you break you one big new year resolution into four parts. So by the first quarter, you tell yourself “I wanna achieve…” then the next quarter you push yourself even more. This really works for me as it takes away the stress of accomplishing something so big and daunting which at times looking at it in a whole feels impossible at times!

SO I really encourage everyone out the to make the most of this year and do not let what other people say affect you! On that note HAPPY NEW YEAR!!