MAC Lightful Compact Foundation Review

 Just putting this out there first, this is not sponsored, but I wish it would be!

I have been trying to find a great foundation for my skin for a very long time and it was literally driving me INSANE! Going for shop to shop, trying to find a foundation that looks good on me. I have combination skin, so I had to find a foundation that doesn’t make my face look too dry or too oily.

But, I finally managed to find a great power foundation! The MAC Lightful Power Foundation. I feel it is a great foundation for combination skin, it does not make face feel dry or look oily throughout the day. Another reason I love this power foundation is that it is build able and does not look too cakey when you build it up, unlike other foundations out there that I have tried. This power foundation gives a very natural finish, which is always a plus! It is also great as you do not have to really have to moisturising your face before applying it, so its perfect for lazy people like me haha.

I would recommend this power foundation to anyone who has combination skin. It is a bit pricey, a total of $85 for both the case ($67) and the refill ($18)




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