Hello Internet!

I have never had a blog before and thought I try it out! I have been reading people’s blogs, such as Chriselle Lim, Zoe Sugg, Amiee Song and many more and it has really motivated me to start my own blog. I will be posting more beauty, style, life and etc. post here and I hope you guys would enjoy reading my blog. So, I thought for today I would post something fun for my first blog post and share some facts about me that you guys may not know!

  1. I am a christian!
  2. I am the only child
  3. I enjoy taking photos
  4. I can play the guitar and sing
  5. My favourite flowers are roses
  6. I am obsessed with candles
  7. I was born in India and moved to Singapore when I was about 5
  8. I enjoy doing volunteer work
  9. I spend way too much time watching movies, TV shows and YouTube
  10. I cannot watch scary movies

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